Ursulines community

The Ursulines continue the mission started by their foundress: Saint Angela Merici.

They are committed to follow their welcoming and accompanying spirituality, especially with young people, in their human and spiritual journey.

An international community

  • 5 continents
  • 38 countries
  • 235 communities
  • 1980 nuns

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A community in Angers

To the students that wish to, the Ursulines’ sisters offer them to:

  • take part of the church services (Lauds, eves, completes) at the chapel,
  • be accompanied personally through their human and spiritual journey,
  • celebrate the month’s birthdays at the main house,
  • to be in contact with young people from different backgrounds, thanks to the Merici international network in France and around the world.

God only wants your own good and happiness.

Saint Angela

Whatever you want others to do, do it yourself before.

Saint Angela

Have hope and firm faith in God, because He will help you in anything.

Saint Angela

Lead a new life.

Saint Angela

The Foyer MERICI is not just a place to sleep. It is an experience in community life that may change your student life.