Students enroll for a semester or a year

The price per month (650 € for a bedroom without shower / 700 €  for a bedroom with shower) includes:

  • the bedroom’s occupancy and the use of all the shared spaces at the residence,
  • the meals (breakfast and dinner),
  • the insurance for the room,
  • the Internet connection,
  • the fixed costs related to salaried staff who provide daily support for young people and the smooth running of the house,
  • the water, gas and electricity charges.

Payment is made via transfer at the beginning of each month.

Non-payment can lead to the student’s expulsion of the Foyer.

The cost is established by the Administrative Board of the Foyer Merici (Association Law 1901), with a fixed base, for all university year, starting September 1st to June 30th. It is distributed in 10 months.

The fixed base already establish that the holidays aren’t bound to any deduction, nor other absences for various reasons.

The inscription is a compromise during the university year from September to June, both included, or during the semester (according to what was specified in the inscription). If the student gives up the bedroom, she will have to pay for it until it is taken by another student, without exceeding the duration of the stay initially planned.

Internship students

The price is weekly.

Various expenses

Three washing machines and three dryers that work with tokens (3€) available for the students in the laundry room.

The students can ask for a refrigerated compartment, locked with a key: 45€ per year.


Guarantee deposit

With the final enrollment, a guarantee deposit of 650€ will be asked. It is destined to guarantee the student’s compromise during her stay and to cover any possible deterioration.

An assessment of the bedroom’s state is made both at the student’s arrival and departure. The guarantee deposit will be returned at the end of the stay, either in its totality or a part of it depending on the bedroom’s assessment at the stay’s end.

Make sure to have as well

Public liability insurance

The Foyer Merici has an insurance for its buildings and its occupants. Even so, the student must have a public liability insurance to cover any possible harm to a third-party at the foyer’s facility.

Housing allowance

Students living in the foyer have the right to demand the A.L.S (Housing allowance) to the CAF.

Underage students

The parents will assume all the consequences resulting from their paternity responsibilities. There will not be any legal and moral custody’s transfer to the Foyer Merici. The underage student’s parents will sign the authorization for the foyer’s outings and absences.

The Foyer MERICI is not just a place to sleep. It is an experience in community life that may change your student life.