A student may enroll in the foyer:

  • during the university year (September and June included),
  • during a semester,
  • during an internship.

A visit to the foyer and a meeting with the person in charge of the students would be want for before the enrollment. The meeting is asked per email : contactfoyermerici@gmail.com

For girls that live abroad, the meeting with the person in charge of the students can be made via Skype.

After the visit to the Foyer, an inscription file will be sent to the student. If, after reflection and talking with her parents, the student wishes to enroll, the inscription is made in two steps:

Step 1 – Bedroom reserve

To reserve a bedroom, the student must send the inscription papers :

  • the application for registration;
  • the signed form (two copies) which certifies that the parents and the student agree with the required conditions from the accommodation agreement;
  • a presentation letter;
  • the inscription’s quote of 80€ (no money refund in case of cancelation);
  • three recent ID photos.

When the student’s admission to a school or university arrive, it is necessary to confirm the bedroom’s reservation per email: contactfoyermerici@gmail.com

Step 2 – Definitive inscription

After the student’s definitive admission to a school or university, she has to send the guarantee deposit of 650,00€.

The definitive inscription is validated when the guarantee deposit is received, which is destined to guarantee the student’s compromise during her stay and to cover any possible deterioration in both her bedroom or the foyer’ shared spaces.

An assessment of the bedroom’s state is made both at the student’s arrival and departure. The guarantee deposit will be returned at the end of the stay, either in its totality or a part of it depending on the bedroom’s assessment at the stay’s end.

The inscription to the foyer constitutes a compromise during the university year (September and June both included) or the semester, according to what was specified in the inscription.