One shield, one motto


A cross, stars and one word: “Serviam”.

This insignia is formed by a field of stars that make one constellation: the Ursa Minor.

This constellation indicates Polaris, the morning star, the first star that shines in the afternoon. It is a valued star for those who are climbing mountains or those lost voyageurs in the ocean or in the desert; a fixed point thanks to which one can find the true way and whose light may guide us through the dark…

Saint Angela Merici, foundress of the Ursulines, named her “Company” under the patronage of Saint Ursula. Ursula, “Ursa Minor”, like Polaris, shows the way that leads to Love.

The Cross is sign of God’s love to all humanity.

The Latin word “SERVIAM”, “I will serve”, is the students’ and adults’ motto present in the establishments and foyers directed by the Ursulines all around the world. We are also invited to start this path of openness to others.

Living in attention to the people

With respect and affection, each one with its singularity: disposition, studies, country, culture, religion …

With the mutual help through the studies and everyday life.

Living the spirit

One spirit of service moves Foyer Merici.

The students are encouraged to participate actively on the Foyer’s life.

Many voluntaries services are proposed, especially to work for the people more in need, whether they are close or far, allowing the students to move out of their comfort zone and to live open to the world.

Grow inside

The Foyer Merici, founded by the Ursulines, is an establishment related explicitly to Jesus Christ and the Gospel.

Moments of reflection, celebration, and retreat are offered, allowing the students to share their questions and, if wished, to deepen and live their faith.

The Foyer’s chapel is always open.

The Foyer MERICI is not just a place to sleep. It is an experience in community life that may change your student life.