At the beginning of the university year, and following the motto “Serviam”, “I will serve”, the students may take part in a regular service all year long.

Favoring the Foyer’s coexistence, these services allow the students to move out of their comfort zone and to live open to the world.

Accompanied by an adult that facilities the communication with the different associations, the students are happy to be useful and to learn more about themselves as they give to others.

A service inside the Foyer

Vegetable garden and compost

There is a workshop to make the students aware of the biological agriculture and to care for the environment. Also, there are always ideas and activates, thanks to the active participation of the ESA’s students (Agriculture Higher Education Center).

Organization and animation of the Foyer

Chorus, orchestra, dance, theater, decoration, cooking… Everyone’s many talents are discovered in each especial moment of the year! It is the occasion to favor the intercultural encounter between students from different continents.


Preparation and animation of the mass or the time of prayer each Monday afternoon.


The gifted on the fields of photography, video and writing are precious to communication what it is going on in the Foyer during the university year.

Service in the city of Angers

Visiting elderly people

A partnership between the Foyer and the retirement home César Geoffray favors intergenerational links through conversation, board games, helping at shopping in the market of Place Lafayette…

Services to the migrants

There are many activities proposed: food distribution, conversations to learn French, soirees “Jeunes d’ici ou d’ailleurs” (Youngs from here or there) organized by the Catholic relief service with underage young immigrants.

School help

Help a kid with his homework and cheer him on his studies, establishing a relationship based on trust.

Accompanying the homeless

A smile, a coffee, just listening… In small teams, the young girls go meet the homeless along the Catholic relief service.

The Carmel

One Saturday afternoon per month, some students go to the Carmel and help in different services.

Liturgy of the Word with the children from the parish

Spend some time helping children between the ages of 3 and 7 to discover the Word of God during the 11pm mass at the Parish of Sainte Bernadette.

Service abroad

South Africa 2018

Thanks to the Ursulines’ international network, there are solidary trips organized regularly. This year, ten young women are getting ready to go to Khula, in South Africa, to build a house and different activities with the more disfavored children.